Engine Tuning

The SuperFlow SF-902 engine dynamometer tests all the critical power characteristics of an engine. We can tell you how much power and where the power is in the speed range. The SF-902’s power absorber means we can perform tests with the absorber running at a constant speed or constant torque. We can also test while accelerating or decelerating at controlled rates (up to 2,000 RPM) per second.

We have the ability to evaluate modifications one at a time or as a complete system. The SF-902 is ideal for testing high-output engines using nitrous, alcohol, superchargers and turbos making up to 2,500 horsepower.

All our race engines are dyno tested providing reassurance to our customers that the engine is right before it takes to the racetrack. When it comes to research and development we can evaluate modifications one at a time or as a complete package.

Whatever the engine's purpose, we can use the dyno to perform a quality audit., " ensure that the engine does what it's intended to do." Quantifying the results of any modifications that have been made.