Our Services

Cylinder Heads

Wanting the maximum performance out of
your cylinder head?
  • CNC valve seat re-facing – machined to perfection
  • Supply CNC ported heads
  • Port modifications - basic to full custom profiles
  • Quality valve train components
  • Superflow 1020 for airflow and velocity testing
  • PT 200 valve spring tester for correct spring measurement and installed heights

Engine Builds

Go racing!
  • Recondition existing performance engines
  • Design and build custom engine from the ground up
  • Servicing contracts to ensure ongoing reliability and performance
  • Quality components from recognized manufacturers
  • All engines built to specifications and build data recorded
  • Engine dyno services to test and ensure correct tuning before you hit the track
  • Climate controlled build room
  • Injector Testing

Engine Dyno Tuning

Tune to perfection
  • 20 years dyno experience
  • Superflow 902
  • Rated for 2000 ft-lbs and 2,500 HP
  • Cell set up for EFI and carburetor tuning
  • Individual cylinder tuning to enhance performance and reliability

Design and Manufacture

Need a custom part? Let us design it for you!
  • Custom design and manufacture projects
    - manifolds, sumps etc
  • Customized advice and design recommendations
  • Solidworks drawing package


Take an expert to the track with you!
  • Consulting services
  • Data analysis and feedback
  • Race track support and trouble shooting

Parts Provider

For all your LS engine parts and lots more
  • Stock and source wide range of GM LS Engine Parts
  • Stock and source wide range of Racing parts CP Pistons, ARP, Manley, Carrillo Rods
  • Custom parts manufacture
  • Del West, Jesel Valve train and PSI Spring importers and distributors